Hin Bida

Hin Bida

Dive into Thailand‘s pristine waters and discover Hin Bida, a hidden gem just 20 minutes from Bida Nok. Renowned for Leopard Shark sightings in shallow waters, it‘s ideal for all divers. Plan with a reputable operator for safety, and cherish every moment in this underwater sanctuary where adventure awaits.

Hin Bida Diving Site.


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Explore the Underwater Marvel of Hin Bida in Thailand

Dive into the pristine waters of Thailand and discover the hidden gem known as Hin Bida. Located a mere 20 minutes from Bida Nok, Hin Bida offers an unparalleled diving experience around a majestic rock formation visible only when the tides are in your favor. The term 'Hin' signifies 'rock' in Thai, and at Hin Bida, this rock dramatically stretches down for 15-20m, eventually giving way to a serene sandy floor.

Why Hin Bida Stands Out for Scuba Diving

  • Leopard Sharks: Hin Bida has become synonymous with Leopard Shark sightings. These graceful sharks are a sight to behold and draw enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Accessibility for Novice Divers: With depths reaching only 15-20m before leveling out to a sandy floor, Hin Bida is perfectly suited for divers of all skill levels.
  • Proximity to Bida Nok: Its close proximity to the renowned Bida Nok island enhances its appeal, offering divers a chance to explore multiple diving sites in a single trip.

Planning Your Dive to Hin Bida

Embarking on a diving expedition to Hin Bida is an adventure waiting to unfold. Given its popularity for Leopard Shark sightings and suitability for divers of all levels, it's advisable to plan your visit with a reputable diving operator in Thailand. Ensure that your dive plan includes safety briefings, especially about interacting with marine life responsibly.

Hin Bida: A Must-Visit for Every Diver

Whether you're a seasoned diver or just beginning your underwater journey, Hin Bida offers a unique and memorable experience. Its stunning underwater landscape, coupled with the chance to see Leopard Sharks up close, makes it a premier diving destination in Thailand.

In conclusion, Hin Bida is not just a diving site; it's an underwater sanctuary where nature's marvels are within arm's reach. Don't miss the opportunity to dive into this exceptional spot, where every dive is an adventure and every sighting of a Leopard Shark is a moment to cherish.