Racha Noi South Tip

Racha Noi South Tip

Explore Racha Noi South Tip, a top diving spot near Phuket, Thailand, known for its stunning marine life and granite boulders. This premier dive site offers encounters with Manta Rays and vibrant coral reefs, but strong currents make it suitable for advanced divers only. Dive with local guides for safety, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Andaman Sea.

Racha Noi South TipDiving Site


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Racha Noi South Tip - A Diver's Paradise

Dive Site Overview

Located at the southernmost point of Koh Racha Noi Island, Racha Noi South Tip is known for its large granite boulders, crystal clear visibility, and vibrant marine life. It's a top destination for divers looking to explore one of the best sites near Phuket, Thailand.

Marine Life at South Tip

The dive site is a renowned manta ray cleaning station, attracting Manta Rays between February and April. Divers can also enjoy sightings of Unicorn Fish, Surgeon Fish, Giant Trevally, and Chevron Barracuda among the site's purple soft corals.

Conditions for Divers

Racha Noi South Tip presents very strong and unpredictable currents, making it suitable only for experienced divers. A negative entry is often required to descend quickly to the boulders' shelter.

Planning Your Dive

Diving at Racha Noi South Tip requires careful planning and is best undertaken with local guides familiar with the challenging conditions. Divers should be in good physical condition and have an Advanced Open Water certification.

Why Dive at Racha Noi South Tip?

The chance to see Manta Rays in their natural habitat, along with the site's stunning underwater topography and rich marine life, makes Racha Noi South Tip a must-visit destination for divers seeking adventure in Thailand's waters.