Bay 3

Racha Yai Bay 3

Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef in Racha Yai, Thailand, offer captivating diving experiences with pristine waters, vibrant marine life, and stunning coral formations. Ideal for beginners with gentle conditions, these sites cater to divers of all levels, showcasing a rich ecosystem filled with moray eels, batfish, and occasional Manta Ray sightings.

Racha Yai Bay 3 Diving Site


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Explore the Underwater Marvels of Racha Yai: Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef

Dive into the Pristine Waters of Bay 3 - Racha Yai's Hidden Gem

Bay 3, located in the stunning waters around Racha Yai, Thailand, offers an unparalleled diving experience for enthusiasts looking to explore the underwater world. Unlike its counterparts, Bay 1 and Bay 2, Bay 3 does not feature a natural bay but boasts an impressive artificial reef that serves as a sanctuary for diverse marine life.

Discover Lucy’s Reef – A Haven for Hard Corals and Rare Marine Sightings

Adjacent to Bay 3, Lucy’s Reef captivates divers with its vibrant hard coral formations. This site is renowned for its occasional Manta Ray sightings, adding a touch of majesty to the diving experience. The reef's ecosystem is supported by a variety of marine species, making it a must-visit location for underwater photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Ideal Spot for Beginner Divers

Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef stand out as perfect spots for those new to diving. With low currents, good visibility, and a depth reaching 20 meters, beginners can comfortably explore the artificial reef composed of concrete cubes. This unique underwater structure is home to moray eels, batfish, and a plethora of hard corals, ensuring a memorable dive every time.

Marine Life at Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef

Divers at Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef are treated to a spectacle of marine biodiversity. The artificial reef's nooks and crannies provide shelter for moray eels, while the open waters are a playground for graceful batfish. The rare appearance of a Manta Ray gliding through Lucy’s Reef is an awe-inspiring sight that lucky divers will cherish.

Why Choose Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef for Your Next Dive?

Choosing Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef for your next diving adventure means immersing yourself in an environment that supports learning and discovery. The gentle conditions make it an excellent choice for beginner divers, while the abundance of marine life caters to the interests of experienced divers and underwater photographers. Whether you're taking your first dive or your hundredth, Bay 3 and Lucy’s Reef offer an experience that is both accessible and enriching.