Home Run Reef

Home Run Reef

Discover Home Run Reef in Thailand, nestled on the far side of Racha Yai and conveniently located for dive enthusiasts returning to Chalong Pier from Bay 1. This hidden gem offers ideal conditions for divers of all levels, with calm waters, depths ranging from 3-5m to 20m, and rich marine life, making each dive unique and memorable.

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Discover the Underwater Paradise at Home Run Reef, Thailand

Unveiling the Beauty of Home Run Reef

Nestled on the far side of Racha Yai, Home Run Reef offers a spectacular diving experience for both novice and experienced divers. This hidden gem is often explored on the way back to Chalong Pier from Bay 1, making it a perfect addition to your diving itinerary.

Ideal Conditions for Every Diver

Home Run Reef is renowned for its calm waters, making it an ideal spot for learning scuba divers. With an initial depth ranging from 3-5m and reaching up to 20m at deeper spots, divers of all levels can enjoy the diverse underwater world it offers. The reef's varying currents throughout the year provide an exciting challenge for those looking to hone their diving skills, with detailed explanations provided in the Dive Plan on the boat.

A Marine Life Haven

The seafloor at Home Run Reef is predominantly composed of hard coral, serving as a vibrant habitat for a wide array of marine life common to the area. Divers can expect to encounter a multitude of species, making each dive a unique experience to remember.

Conveniently Located for Dive Enthusiasts

Home Run Reef's proximity to Racha Yai and Chalong Pier makes it an excellent choice for divers looking to maximize their time underwater. Its location allows for a quick dive, perfectly fitting into your schedule after a day of exploring other dive sites.