In Thailand‘s captivating scuba diving scene, sites like the King Cruiser Wreck and Shark Point offer unparalleled underwater experiences. The King Cruiser Wreck, between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands, is a historical marvel turned artificial reef, bustling with marine life. Dive in to witness colorful corals and tropical fish. Similarly, Shark Point is renowned for its coral gardens and encounters with leopard sharks, showcasing the region‘s rich biodiversity. Nearby Anemone Reef boasts dense sea anemone populations, while Koh Doc Mai offers vertical walls and diverse marine life. These sites epitomize Thailand‘s allure for marine enthusiasts.

King Cruiser & Shark Point Diving Day Trips.


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Unforgettable Scuba Diving Sites in Thailand: King Cruiser, Shark Point, and More

King Cruiser Wreck: An Underwater Historical Marvel

The King Cruiser Wreck, a captivating dive site for advanced divers, lies between Phuket and the Phi Phi Islands. This sunken ferry has become an artificial reef, teeming with marine life and offering an unparalleled underwater exploration experience. Dive into the wreck to see colorful corals, tropical fish, and the mystery of the deep sea.

Shark Point: A Sanctuary for Marine Biodiversity

Shark Point, a marine sanctuary, is celebrated for its rich coral gardens and the chance to encounter leopard sharks. This site exemplifies underwater biodiversity, with a myriad of species visible in their natural habitat. It's a must-visit for marine enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Anemone Reef: The Ocean's Colorful Canopy

Close to the King Cruiser wreck lies Anemone Reef, known for its dense population of sea anemones. This underwater rainbow provides a home to a wide array of marine life, making it a prime spot for divers to explore Thailand's vibrant underwater ecosystem.

Koh Doc Mai: A Vertical Wall of Wonders

Koh Doc Mai, a steep wall dive, offers a unique underwater landscape. Its soft corals, sea fans, and macro marine life create a diver's paradise. Explore its caverns and crevices to discover exotic creatures in a serene underwater environment.

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What's Included:

- 3 dives

- Equipment rental

- Travel and diving insurance

- Hotel round trip transfers to Chalong Pier (from Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Rawai, Nai harn and Chalong only)

- Breakfast, lunch, snacks, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee on board

What's Not Included:

- If you're staying in a resort outside the above listed then there may be a small additional charge. However, we pick up from anywhere on Phuket.

- Underwater pictures, can be purchased from our staffs (usually 1000THB)

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